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  1. Alvin’s website has a fun canvas animation that reacts to scroll. Also check out the “about” page - good stuff.

  2. There’s lots to love on Nils’ site - my personal favorite is the slider to adjust the CSS detail level, with the animated call-to-action waffle coming in a close second.

  3. The boop sound effects alone would put Jason’s new site on this list, but then there’s like 18 other fun things. A gold standard in whimsy.

  4. Simone’s site is a throwback to the Win95 days, and his attention to detail there is amazing. Click the trash if you have a bit too much time on your hands.

  5. Patrick’s website is a spectacular mix of squishy animation, beautiful design and fun little details. Scroll through his projects and discover them all!

  6. Kickscondor is one of these things you just have to see for yourself. It’s a weird, wonderful, whimsical place to get lost in.

  7. The 80s are alive and well at Chris’ website, and it’s glorious. Note the darkmode switch in this case goes from dusk to dawn. Pun very much intended.

  8. Please don’t try to close the window on the pinwheel website. It’s just a screenshot, it won’t work. You might break something.

  9. Help the poor fisherman boost his business by summoning the power of the octopus. Something something, release the kraken!

  10. Drag your mouse across Matthew’s website to leave a trail of colorful shapes.


That's all of them - for now.
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