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  1. If you find one of the Steves hidden online and in real life, it’ll be marked as yours forever. Find all of them and you unlock the power of a thousand suns.

  2. Robb’s site is full of animated illustrations and fun little details. But please don’t move your cursor around too fast, it makes him dizzy.

  3. Eric’s site has tons of personality and care. It features Hamonshū, japanese-style illustrations of waves. You also got to love the “Excuse of the Day”.

  4. Lynn consistently knocks it out of the park with her website. The current iteration gives you a glimpse inside her head. Literally.

  5. John’s eyes are watching you as you move your mouse around his site. If you try to “Save As…” him, he even gives you a nice selection of personal avatars to choose from. How thoughtful.

  6. Complete the Fallout-style hacking minigame on Jet’s site to gain access to a simulated terminal. It’s not radioactive btw, I checked.

  7. André’s site shows a timeline of upcoming rock festivals and even gives you the weather forcast for them! They might be paused for now, but there will be rock again, and it will get muddy.

  8. Andy’s personal site looks like a Kindle, so you can feel like you’re reading a book while still being glued to your favorite screen.

  9. Eric decided that hamburger menus are over, and people should just click on his head for the navigation instead. Cool shades as well.

  10. When you move your mouse over the bubbles on Brad’s site, they change color. It’s like being in a big colorful bubble bath.


That's all of them - for now.
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