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  1. Kickscondor is one of these things you just have to see for yourself. It’s a weird, wonderful, whimsical place to get lost in.

  2. The 80s are alive and well at Chris’ website, and it’s glorious. Note the darkmode switch in this case goes from dusk to dawn. Pun very much intended.

  3. Please don’t try to close the window on the pinwheel website. It’s just a screenshot, it won’t work. You might break something.

  4. Help the poor fisherman boost his business by summoning the power of the octopus. Something something, release the kraken!

  5. Drag your mouse across Matthew’s website to leave a trail of colorful shapes.

  6. It’s a physics-engine-keyboard-thing! Try typing “rain”, “feross”, “semi” or “hexbin” for secret behavior!

  7. The department of Latin American and Iberian cultures got creative with their website. Paint unique “word pictures” with your mouse!

  8. Alex’ site has lovely hand-drawn illustrations, an “Arts & Crafts” and a “Recipes” section.

  9. Click the hamburger icon in Wells’ footer and you get - well hamburgers, duh.

  10. Night mode at Nikita’s site is a bit darker than you might be used to. Thankfully you still get a flashlight.


That's all of them - for now.
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