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  1. Lots of cool things to discover on Sara’s new site. Play around with the hero ornament, switch to high-contrast mode, check out her ASCII art or go old-school and sign the guestbook!

  2. Click the dog on the homepage to tinyfy it! Works in reverse too. Good boy.

  3. So much interesting stuff happening here! Launch the rocket. Eat the sandwich. Have some coffee.

  4. Michael has a great selection of medieval cats going on this site, all ready to be meme-ified.

  5. The navigation on Zacky Ma’s site is inspired by monorails. All aboard!

  6. If you’re unsure how to pronounce “David Darnes”, his new website has you covered. Press the megaphone button for a wide range of great options.

  7. Jacob’s site offers a handy “craftsman’s tip” feature, as well as a peek behind the curtain that shows visitors the awesomeness of semantic HTML.

  8. Alina’s site is a literal mixtape (remember these?) floating in a starry void.

  9. Scroll down the page to drive through a quiet street at night.

  10. Have a play, discover your science personality & find out about Edinburgh Science Festival’s learning, climate and community projects in this lovely interactive quiz.


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